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About The Washington Chapter

We are so excited to announce the Washington State branch of Fridays For Future! Throughout the last couple of months we decided the best way to strengthen Fridays For Future within Washington is to provide one large branch to provide a place where all chapters in Washington can communicate and spark change. This is a global crisis, we must all work together to solve climate change. 


Fridays For Future Washington, solving the current climate crisis one strike at a time.



Demand Action

from Elected Officials 

Elected officials have been in office for too long without taking any action to prevent the climate crisis from worsening. Many officials have made plans but have not followed through. We are demanding action and stressing the importance of facing the climate crisis.

Petition for Senate Bill 5141 to be implemented

Communities of color are disproportionately affected by climate change and aren't getting the support needed to stay safe through the stronger storms, hotter summers, and colder winters Washington is facing. Senate Bill 5141 is a bill that will make sure communities of color facing climate change firsthand are protected.

Southern Resident Orca Recovery

Task Force

Governor Inslee previously had a plan in action to aid the Southern Resident Orca Whale population decline, but has not made any action in the last few years. Our goal is to get that task force up and running again to save the population from extinction.

Push for

Renewable Energy Sources

There are only a few decades before our supply of primary fuel sources (such as oil and gasoline) are depleted, so it is imperative that we start using renewable sources before we enter another crisis.

Get Involved!

If you live in the state of Washington and are passionate about solving the current climate crisis fill out the form under the join tab!

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